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closed, currently processing eligibility

The Roberto Cimetta Fund received 143 requests for Tamteen grants for the session 2017 session. This session is now closed.


The office of the Fund is checking the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the grant has been given.


The list of eligible candidates to the support programme will be published by 12/10/2017.


If you sent your request but your name is not on this list, your request has been considered non-eligible (amount requested too high, project outside geographically eligible zone, lack of explanation on your long-term projects ….). If your request was considered ineligible you will receive an email during the course of October.


The list once published will only appear on the website until 23rd October to respect privacy.


The evaluation by the Committee of experts will take place from 15th October to 15th November. Candidates will receive the results of the evaluation by 1st December. Please bear in mind that the funding available can only support a small number of applications.



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