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How did this grant contribute to the realization of your project in regard to artistic exchange, local cultural development and/or the promotion of cultural diversity?

This travel grant to Italy facilitated two missions: 1- Visit the Venice Art Biennale 2017 on a curatorial research trip which contributed greatly to the projects I am working on as an independent curator.S ound/ music related projects and public art projects were the focus of the the research as both themes relate to a public art project I am curating in Dubai in 2017/2018 and to two commissions I am working on as part of Temporary Art Platform, an organization I run in Lebanon which focuses on social art projects and public space. The main exhibition curated by Christine Macel as well as the Brazilian, Lebanese and French pavilions were triggers for further curatorial research, meetings with artists and practitioners and were interesting case studies relating to the projects I am working on - public art commissions, curated collective exhibitions and residencies in 2017-2018. 2- Visit the Civitella Ranieri in Umbria. An artist in residence housed in a magnificent castle turned into studio spaces for which I am a nominator of visual artists. This visit allowed to get to know the residency and meet with the team. Studio visits were organized with some of the residents and further collaborations possibilities were discussed with the residency curators.

How does exchange, networking and international contacts contribute to the development of your artistic and cultural project?

As an independent curator working within the field of contemporary art, I always have the need of attending international exhibitions and art biennials for research purposes mainly and networking secondly. The global nature of the art world makes these trips inevitable with regards to the encounters they allow for with artists and practitioners but also the curatorial methodologies, statements and artists practices they share with professionals in the field. Cultural exchange, international contacts are the essence of my practice as an independent curator.

Can you elaborate on the learning and knowledge you have gained and shared throughout this experience?

This experience, like any curatorial research phase, constitutes the most important part of a project. Encounters with artists practices, studio visits and informal conversations feed the initial curatorial focus or alter its direction. This visit to the Venice Biennale was very interesting to this regard as it allowed me to develop my thinking process related to two projects I am curating in 2017-2018. Some commissioned projects were used as interesting case studies and the knowledge I have accumulated both at the exhibition and during my visit to Civitella Ranieri will informally be part of the curatorial projects I have in the very near future.

Please indicate a link to your current work (website/facebook page)

I don't have a personal website for my independent projects as a curator. Temporary Art Platform is an organisation I run and which could be mentioned.

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