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What was the funding used for ?

The Tamteen grant allowed Temporary Art Platform to expand on the initial research on public artworks in Lebanon. In 2015, Temporary Art Platform collaborated with lawyer Nayla Geagea to work on a long term research project concerning the administrative / logistical challenges and opportunities of producing art in the public sphere in Lebanon which resulted in a tool guide “A Few Things You Need to Know When Creating an Art Project in a Public Space in Lebanon”, published online, and that gathered case studies as part of its research methodology. As research, we had gathered information on more than fifty projects which took place in public spaces in Lebanon. Through the work of a dedicated researcher, we now have four hundred entries that will soon become accessible by way of an online, searchable database on our new website. The Database on Art in Public Space in Lebanon will hopefully be an educational research tool that contributes to the production of knowledge on the histories and practices of public art in Lebanon.

How did this funding contribution provide sustainability to your organisation and improve the quality of the implementation of your work ?

With the absence of institutional funding, Temporary Art Platform relies on the support of organizations and partners to sustain its projects. The Tamteen grant allowed us to hire a dedicated researcher who took the time to bring the entries together and have them ready to export online.

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