Mobility Programme

Mobility Programme

Eligibility criteria


If you would like to apply for a Cimetta Fund travel grant you must respect the following general criteria. There is also specific criteria depending on each funding line and these are described in each "funding line".


1) You must make an individual request, written and sent by yourself. Requests sent by an organisation will not be accepted. Travel grants are allocated to individuals only.


2) Nationality is not an eligibility criteria but the candidate must be living and working in the Euro-Arab-Middle East geographical zone.


3) There is no age limit.


4) Applicants must be artists (performer, creator, teacher) or operators working in the cultural sector (organiser, administrator, project manager).


5) The trip must take place AFTER the opening date of the candidacy. This implies that you may have to pay for your ticket if your travel is before the selection date and thus you will not yet know if your grant is allocated or not. If the date of departure is on the selection date and the candidate is unable to change the date, then an exception can be made. This implies that travel must be planned sufficiently in advance.


6) The aim of the candidate’s trip must be one of the following:
-       Prepare a project.
-       Take part in a residency.
-       Take part in a meeting of artists and professionals with the aim of networking or encouraging links between cultural, artistic and development actors through the region.
-       Artistic training (master classes, workshops …) or professional training (cultural policy, cultural management) either as a trainee or as a teacher.
-       Take part in debates, conferences and seminars.


7) The programme is open to the following artistic and cultural fields, either within transdisciplinary or monodisciplinary projects.

-       Contemporary performing arts: new theatrical forms, new writing for theatre, drama, contemporary dance, circus, street performances in situ, puppet theatre and inter-disciplinary projects.
-       Visual arts including photography, film, digital arts and video arts.
-       Literature : especially travel for authors’ meetings, writing workshops, poetry…
-       Setting up of cultural projects.


8) The trip must contribute to cultural development at local level in the countries of destination or departure. The candidate must develop local initiatives or policies on his/her return that contribute to the cultural dynamism of his or her own country or region. They must be committed to transmitting the benefits of their experience abroad to the other artists and professionals in their region in a networking fashion.


9) Applicants can leave or travel to one of the following zones: Middle East, North Africa, the wider Europe.

Candidates travelling from Sub-Saharan Africa will be redirected to the Art Moves Africa programme.

Travel from other continents (America, Asia) are not eligible.
If the candidate is from the Arab geographical region or from the Balkan countries  s/he can candidate for the Americas or Asia. A candidate from an EU country cannot candidate for the Americas or Asia.


10) The candidate is unable to find funding for his or her travel.


11) The RCF will provide up to 3 travel grants per person. If the candidate has already received a grant the experts are informed that this is a second request and that if it is accepted the Fund is accompanying this professional in his or her project. The office also informs the experts on the number of grants that a project or organisation has indirectly benefited from.


12) If an artistic or cultural project requires the mobility of several of its actors, the Roberto Cimetta Fund reserves the right to examine the requests individually and will only provide a maximum of 3 grants per project.


13) The request must be complete.


14) Estimation of travel expenses must be plausible. If the candidate considers that a trip by road is more appropriate then s/he will be reimbursed on the basis of an equivalent low-cost airline ticket.

Mobility Programme

Mobility Programme

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