Mobility Programme

Mobility Programme

How to make an application

1. First of all you must make sure that you are eligible by reading the information on the funding lines and the eligibility criteria very carefully.


2. Make sure that the travel for which you are making the request will take place after the opening date of the call. Please check the dates of selection as they are subject to change. However deadlines are fixed and will not change at least one month before the deadline.


3. Go to the section “Apply for a travel grant”.  Click directly on the application form. The application form will ask you to provide information on your professional background, your project and your aims. The application forms are only available during the calls. Please do not write emails to the office during the calls; we simply do not have the time to respond to individual requests for information during the calls. 


4. Please fill in the form very carefully either in French or in English or in Arabic. Be concise and clear to maximise your chances of success.

Remember that the Cimetta Fund only reimburses one international return ticket per person and visa/insurance costs if necessary.

You can only make one request for travel per session.

The estimation of your ticket cost must be plausible.


The host organisation will also have to fill in an online form to explain why they have asked you to attend the event, residency, etc.


Remember the applicant must indicate his or her own email address on the online form.

Please do not send any other material with your application. 


5. Send the form before the deadline.


Processing the applications

After the deadline all the requests are processed and a list of eligible candidates is posted on this website.

This process allows candidates to see if their application has been received by the office. An automatic reply is sent to each applicant from our web hoster, but errors have occured during this process, so it is wise to check that your name is on the eligibility list. If it is not, it is because we haven't received the automatic reply or because your application does not comply with the criteria.


Experts have a month to make their evaluation. The Board of Directors has 2 weeks to approve the selection and then the office informs the applicants by email on the decision and the amount granted.


If the decision is negative then applicants will be informed of reasons for refusal.


If you are successful you must download the Cimetta Fund logo from the website and use it on your communication documents/material.


You will be asked to make an online report of your travel experience. Please make sure that you respond to all the questions formulated. The information you provide helps us to build up knowledge that can further develop mobility schemes in the Euro-Arab-Middle Eastern space through research and evidence-building.


You will receive the reimbursement of your international travel/visa/insurance costs once the office has received the following documents:
- The scanned copy of your used travel tickets and/or invoice indicating your name, date of travel, place of departure and destination, price. The grant cannot be given to someone else if you are not able to travel

- Boarding passes
- An online report of your trip
- Bank details to make the transfer (IBAN and SWIFT). The grant may be transferred to someone else’s account. In that case, we require a letter of authorization from the grantee.


If you do not send these documents within two months of your return your grant will be cancelled.

Mobility Programme

Mobility Programme

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