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Creative Tracks


The Roberto Cimetta Fund organised the Creative Tracks seminar in Paris on the subject of “Independent cultural entrepreneurs driving artistic creation”.


To acces the summary, please download the documents below : 


General summary of the seminar

Introduction on current trends on global cultural markets

Programme of the seminar 


This one-day event was held at the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on 7th March and grouped together over 60 cultural entrepreneurs and analysts from 17 countries (Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, the Congo, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Syria and the United States). 

Two major issues for the development of cultural entrepreneurs worldwide highlighted the debate: 

- cultural business or funding models based on innovation and technology on the one hand,

 - and the importance of international cultural cooperation, mobility, exchange, joint projects as tools for their development on the other.

To quote the participants, it was « An amazing meeting of some of the most dynamic and influential cultural actors today » (Hanan Kassab Hassan), « allowing us to touch the reality of different countries »(Rossella Tarantino)... Many thanks to all the participants and we hope they will keep in touch and work together in the future to « develop and invigorate the cultural field in their countries » (El Mehdi Azdem).


Outstanding entrepreneurs and cultural actors were present, among which Faezeh Aarabi, Director of Dars Platform in Teheran, Komlan Agdo of the West African Economic and Monetary Union, El Mehdi Azdem, Director of the Association Racines in Casablanca, Elodie Le Breut, Deputy-Director of A.M.I/Dynamo Incubator, Chwan Li, Yunnan University, Zeyba Rahman, Director of Programmes of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts in New York, Nicole Hamouche, creative economy consultant in Beirut, Nan Van Houte, Secretary General of IETM, Julie Chenot, Director of Programmes at the Camargo Foundation, Rossella Tarantino, representative of Matera 2019, Mohamed Al Daradji, Human films in Baghdad, Charles Babinet from KissKissBankBank, Cédric Claquin from CD inde, Arthur Steiner from the Hivos Foundation, Marianne Roux from Canal France International, Laurence Hugues for the International Alliance of independant publishers, Ann Laenen from Valletta 2018, Raul Abeledo, EconCult in Valencia, Angela Boskovitch, Cairo Comix...


François Laurent, European and International Affairs Directorate (SDAEI), and Elizabeth Le Hot, General Directorate-Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC) both from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication opened the debates which were moderated by Ferdinand Richard, Chair of the Roberto Cimetta Fund.


Ana Ribeiro, project leader of the Creative Tracks Consortium and representative of Inova were present at the meeting.


Partners of the event: French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council

Creative Tracks consortium members: INOVA, Addict, KEA, Librios, Roberto Cimetta Fund, Baltan Laboratories, Visiting Arts, On the Move

Creative Tracks sponsors: Shenzhen Design Week, Wallonie-Bruxelles International



Launching of the programme

In July 2015 the Roberto Cimetta Fund (RCF) accepted the invitation of the INOVA+ (Portugal) to be part of a consortium, responding to a call for proposals by the European Commission to launch a « Global network of young creative entrepreneurs ». The consortium won the bid in December 2015. We are pleased to be collaborating with Visting Arts and Librios (UK), ADDICT and INOVA+ (Portugal), On the Move and KEA (Belgium) for the initiation of this project from January 2016 to December 2017.


Since RCF is dedicated to the international mobility of artists and cultural operators it can provide its expertise to the Creative Tracks programme by identify existing or to be created networks of cultural and creative entrepreneurs from the Euro-Arab geographical zone.


The Creative Tracks partners launched a virtual platform which is a fabulous tool to accelerate circulation of information and interconnection. The overall aim is to promote networking of cultural and creative entrepreneurs on a world scale and make the project sustainable after the initiation phase. 


RCF also contributed to Creative Tracks by proposing a series of recommendations on how financial support should be provided to creative entrepreneurs, to local cultural, social and environmental development, with respect for cultural rights. For RCF, it is important that Creative Tracks provides a space and builds a legacy to address these developments in particular. 


During the course of the Creative Tracks project it will be possible to initiate discussions through the ideation labs of the virtual platform. The ideation labs foster more interaction on specific or urgent issues that everyone can contribute to. If you have an idea you want to share or discuss, please do not hesitate to make proposals for the ideation labs by signing up to the Ideation labs here.


What do we do?

Presentation of RCF |  | Partners