Canvas Wall


From : London, UK
To: Malta

Music festival Rock the South


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How did this grant contribute to the realization of your project in regard to artistic exchange, local cultural development and/or the promotion of cultural diversity?

Our band Canvas Wall (Dounis Simon, Rogerson Craig, Zammit Dean) took part at the music festival Rock the South taking place in Malta. The trip was a great opportunity to meet key people in the industry in Malta which is directly relevant to our art form (music). We met a variety of local radio DJ's, even organisers and other musicians from other countries. All of these connections provide new avenues for us to pursue in the future. They will allow us to expose on wider platforms, get involved in more events and also gig swap with the other bands that we met.

How does exchange, networking and international contacts contribute to the development of your artistic and cultural project?

We will contact the radio djs and station manager to get AirPlay for our new EP to expose our music and get further involved in the local scene. We will also contact Plan De Fuga to chase up any gig swap opportunities.

Can you elaborate on the learning and knowledge you have gained and shared throughout this experience?

Performing at Rock the South festival has been a great experience and we have collectively learnt more as a band. Performing our music in a different country is very inspiriting and fuels us to further pursue other similar opportunities. This mobility has also increased our competence and skills as musicians as every experience gained is vital to our artistic development.

Please indicate a link to your current work (website/facebook page)

Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France


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