From : Bethelem, Palestine
To: Lille, France

Residency wtih Swing Gadjé


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How did this grant contribute to the realization of your project in regard to artistic exchange, local cultural development and/or the promotion of cultural diversity?

We went on the Roberto Cimetta Fund meeting in la Condition Publique on our arrival day. We met about 20 musicians of the Cie du Tire-Laine and we made a residency with 8 of them (the band Swing Gadjé). This residency helped us to build the repertoire and the show of the next October Tour. We also met reporters from newspapers and television to give interviews (la Voix du Nord, Nord eclair, France 3, WEO, radio Campus). We discovered the way works la Cie du Tire-Laine and it gave us ideas about how to run our Ninawa Association in Palestine. We visited several venues in Lille (La Condition Publiqe, la Maison Folie de Moulins), we went to differents events and festivals with the musicians : Festival Bienvenue à Moulins, So British Festival, Lys les Lannoy Festival. We met French people that were interested to know what is the life of a musician in Palestine.

How does exchange, networking and international contacts contribute to the development of your artistic and cultural project?

We suggest to organaize and event for one week that would include all participants from the different mediterranean countries, where in that event a more indebth and intensive exchange could happen. We believe that creating such an environment would not only help participants explore other's experiance, but also could create a base to future cooperation and exchange.

Can you elaborate on the learning and knowledge you have gained and shared throughout this experience?

We belive that this opportunity has and is still empowering our skills and understanding of other musical schools and styles. We have always search to understand the culture of music in different parts of the world, and have been working on how to intigrate and combine our style with the gipsy stile the is of Swing Gadge.

Roberto Cimetta Fund

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