Khaled Kaddal


From : Alexandria, Egypt
To: Gozo, Malta

Hard head with a Soft belly

Dance, Interdisciplinary

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How did this grant contribute to the realization of your project in regard to artistic exchange, local cultural development and/or the promotion of cultural diversity?

"The grant supported my residency in Gozo island, as part of Valetta 2018, European capital of culture. “Hard head with a Soft belly” a project investigates the commonalities and the differences between Mediterranean cultures and their relation to the sea. The project intends to form an artistic dialogue between fishermen from different Mediterranean areas, sharing their daily hardship, struggles and evaporated traditions."

How does exchange, networking and international contacts contribute to the development of your artistic and cultural project?

Exchanging ideas and inspirations within an international cultural activists gave me access to different perspectives, which later profound my artistic practices. As the project focuses to form a dialogue between the Mediterranean fishermen, it was very beneficial to share ideas in Malta, which is at the heart of the sea.

Can you elaborate on the learning and knowledge you have gained and shared throughout this experience?

As the Maltese islands are located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, “Hard head with a Soft belly” starts by a research visit on the Maltese fishing labor and its oral culture affected by legal schemes. Fishing has become challenging enough for fishermen to change profession to other activities such as marine tourism. Through 3 weeks’ residency program, the project communed with local amateur and professional fishermen in San Lawrenz, Ghajnsielem and Marsaxlokk, discovering how the industry alters their traditions. Due to the beautiful geological ecology of Malta islands that is composed of hills and cliffs, I am interested to explore the Maltese oral culture and how it relates to the sea, how would it be different from other shore Mediterranean culture.

Please indicate a link to your current work (website/facebook page)

Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France


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