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What was the funding used for ?

To buy sound equipment and lighting

How did this funding contribution provide sustainability to your organisation and improve the quality of the implementation of your work ?

This "pulse" (it is how I call it) from the Roberto Fund has greatly contributed to improving the quality of work in the Theater, especially in a place where there is no presentation technology or even a special place to perform theatrical works. The purchase of all these simple instruments have helped to start a theater activity in the camp and to overcome the lack of space. At the same time, the Nowat Group took part this year in the organisation of a festival between Palestine and Finland on the Palestinian Nakba, entitled "Remember - Thinking - Return from May 5 to 12, 2018." We are working now, through this extension with a team of 10 people (both representatives and technologists). This extension project is synonymous of sustainability of cultural work and the establishment of a cultural base aimed at producing an educated and capable generation, enable to enjoy a strong identity linked to our land. Our theater is aimed to embody the continuation of these impulses by creating cultural rules capable of making teams, creativity and development in the place full of conflicts. Even if this positive change is difficult to achieve, we strongly believe that the act generates interest and attention creates tangible achievements. All these actions are therefore a simple part of the process of a cultural work that is vibrant and extended throughout the universe.

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