Alaa Eltigani


From : Khartoum
To: Kuala Lumpur

stories for Equality

Writing/ Research

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How did this grant contribute to the realization of your project in regard to artistic exchange, local cultural development and/or the promotion of cultural diversity?

The grant support my trip to Malaysia to attended the 17 globe goles for sustainable development Conference, which was held on April 2018. The confidence targets were young actives who are working to translate those global goles to reality , each in their field , work , art , or hobby.

How does exchange, networking and international contacts contribute to the development of your artistic and cultural project?

I was lucky to meet extraordinary young girls from all over the world, who are working to impower girls and work to achieve women rights in their own countries , This experience gave me a new perspective on the issue , as I did focus on the local strangles that girls face , I did knew before it is an international issue , but after this experience , I get to be more involved .

Can you elaborate on the learning and knowledge you have gained and shared throughout this experience?

I was on the team of the 5 th global goles , gender equality Our job was to discuss changing laws and regulations in order to accomplish gander equality , my individual work was focusing on changing mains . It was a whole new experience.

Please indicate a link to your current work (website/facebook page)

Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France


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