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What was the funding used for ?

The funding enabled Storm to develop the project Off Opera. This project transformed two rooms in Storm's headquarters into a modular, adaptable and well-equipped art space for performing arts performances and technical and technology experiences for a limited number of spectators, available to teams, art groups and art practitioners, theatrical performances - dance, music and vocals - as well as the visual arts in full freedom and taking advantage of the legal cover offered by Storm as a registered company. The project also adopts a project management policy to reduce the cost of using the technical space on teams and groups as well as onlookers; limit that ensures the sustainability of the project.

How did this funding contribution provide sustainability to your organisation and improve the quality of the implementation of your work ?

This grant contributed to the restructuring of the place in accordance with the requirements of the independent local theater teams in the area of ​​art spaces at suitable prices for the performances and theatrical rehearsals, leading to an increase in the technical output in the geographical surroundings of the project and the rehabilitation of the place for the participation of other teams internationally. It has been agreed in principle with System and G organization, which has branches around the world, that the exchange of trainers in the field of theater and technical performance between them and the storm team to produce joint theater performances in both Arabic and English, allowing the trainees to exchange technical expertise and raise their technical level to be trainers in the future. Leads to continuity of the project.

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Roberto Cimetta Fund

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris - France


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