Ethical Charter of RCF

This charter asserts the values promoted by the Board, the Committee of funders, the Committee of experts and the staff. It was first drafted in Amman, Jordan in September 2012. If you would like to download the Charter, click here.


Applicants to the Fund are invited to read the charter before submitting their application. If they are selected they must agree with the values promoted in this charter.

The Roberto Cimetta Fund’s action is in line with the principles of the following cultural policy agendas which uphold the values defined hereafter: Fribourg Declaration of Cultural Rights, UNESCO Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of cultural expressions, Agenda 21 for Culture, European Agenda for Culture in a globalized world.

RCF values the freedom of artistic expression, the freedom of the individual and promotes an equal facility for artistic and cultural development in any corner of the globe.

RCF values genuine transnational meetings between individuals as a necessity for strong partnership building and promotes round-trip circulation of individuals.

RCF values transnational mobility as an essential element in the regular working life of an artist and a cultural operator and promotes the direct feedback effect that quality mobility has on local cultural development in the hosting and departing countries.

RCF values the role of artists and creators at local, regional, national and international levels and promotes their capacity building and interaction.

RCF values the contribution of public actors to cultural challenges and promotes funding mechanisms that support individual artists and cultural operators in addressing these challenges.

RCF values the dignity of producers and promotes their financial and decision-making autonomy.

RCF values cultural and artistic action and recognises its essential role in the development of democracy.

In regard to current global challenges RCF respects the self-determination of peoples and cultures and fights against the isolation of individuals and populations.

RCF asserts the need to strengthen artistic solidarity and addresses the artistic, geographical and directional imbalances that are characteristic of current cultural and artistic models of international partnerships.

RCF asserts the need to address the obstacles to international circulation for artistic practice particularly on the question of visas and promotes their rights to quality working and social conditions.

RCF asserts the need to safeguard the diversity of cultural expression and the transmission of values.

RCF aims to contribute to changing the unequal flows of arts productions between North and South.

RCF aims to contribute to changing the perception of transnational mobility as a learning process with positive benefits.

RCF aims to contribute to changing the perception of hospitality into a shared investment organising economies that prioritize the sustainability of artistic creation.

RCF agrees that culture and the arts are crucial in the emergence and resolution of conflicts.

RCF agrees that increasing round-trip mobility leads to peace-keeping.

RCF agrees that bio-diversity, cultural diversity, sustainable energy use/production and democratic pluralism are key to humanity’s shared global agenda.


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