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Call for texts and artistic projects: Art & Copyright

Deadline: February 10, 2013

To mark the publication of issue # 50, the digital journal Interartive will publish a special issue devoted to various aspects of the current discussion about Art & Copyright. We invite theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject to participate.

Due to the speed at which new technologies are developed and the ease of hacking and sharing content on the web, the status of copyright has been threatened considerably. However, contemporary thinking about copyright is yet to be developed at the same speed as the means and practices that enable it. Therefore, it seems appropriate to launch a broad discussion that evokes the significant changes in the ways of thinking about authorship and rights, as well as the different ways of protecting works without putting a stop to the technological advantages of diffusion.

Furthermore, although nowadays copyright is almost always linked to the digital and commercial sectors, it also has a historical and creative dimension. For example, the subject of copy has been a constant theme in the field of art; each age has had their respective position, causing reactions and dialogues that have challenged the ways of understanding the issue and allow us to contextualize the current debate.

Proposals will be accepted to consider one or more of the following topics, among others:

- Theory, Practice and Criticism of copyright in the digital age
- Hacking, piracy and Free Culture
- Creative Commons and free licenses
- Original, copy and copyright
- Co-authoring, open work and copyright
- Quote, appropriation and copyright

Texts should be around 800 to 3000 words: Format Guidelines (pdf)

The works and art projects will be published in the form of Virtual Gallery (images and short text): Format Guidelines (pdf)

Proposals should be submitted until February 10, 2013, by mail at: info@interartive.org
The editorial board’s decision will be communicated to the authors on March 11, 2013.

The 50th issue of Interartive will be published at the end of March 2013.


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