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Call for Coordinator of Tamasi Network

Call for Candidates

Coordinator for the TAMASI Performing Arts Network



Tamasi is a formal network of 11 leading cultural organizations working mainly in the performing Arts field in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The 11 organizations are based in Egypt (5), Lebanon (2), Jordan (1) and Palestine (3). The members of the network have been active in their fields for more then two decades.




The 11 organizations of the Tamasi network bring together many different forms and audiences towards which ideas of free expression, all expressions, can be addressed. Collectively, they have festivals, performing venues, training centers, theatre productions, youth theatre productions, drama education, large scale events, intimate projects, they work in major cities and in refugee camps, for young people and those young-at-heart. They use their spirits, their comedy, their tragedy, their stories, and their imaginations to look at their social and political environments and to develop the performing arts fields in their respective countries.


For further information on the network please check the following address:http://www.stdh.se/in-english/international-projects/sida-project-tamasi


The creation of the network, now in the registration process, as well as the activities of the 11 member organizations of the Tamasi network are funded by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). The Tamasi program, which started in 2008, has been coordinated by Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA), and will continue till end of December 2012.


In this context, Tamasi network would like to announce its call for candidates for the position of a Network Coordinator that would fulfill the below mentioned requirements.


Position requirements:


§        The coordinator is the spider in the web who will administer the network’s relations with its major funder(s): putting together the collective application, finalizing the collective report and yearly planning, becoming the interface between the network and the funders etc. Although the work is of a high administrative and organizational nature, the coordinator must be highly sensitive to and knowledgeable about both the region and the work of the organizations. The coordinator must meet all organizations and learn about them both from the administrative and conceptual sides.


§        The coordinator will organize and facilitate the network meetings, keep the calendar, deadlines, timelines, important dates for the applications and reports.


§        The coordinator will develop the public relations schemes (website, promotional material etc.) of the Tamasi Network for purposes of advocacy, exchange and fundraising.


§        The coordinator will fundraise for the network from new sources of funding.


§        The coordinator will be supported in the first year by the SADA (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts) coordinators, who have been managing the network for the past four years.


§        Prior experience in the management of an art and cultural organization and/or network and a degree in Arts and cultural management are preferable but not a must.


§        Prior experience and knowledge in result-based management and development policies is an asset.





§        Start date: December, 2011

§        End date*: December 31st, 2012


* With a very strong possibility of a two-year contract extension starting in January 2013 and renewable at least once.


Location and Mobility:


§        Cairo, Egypt will be the headquarters of the network. But since this is a MENA project, the coordinator must be able to travel freely through the region and to visit all the other countries where Tamasi organizations are active (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon) in addition to Gaza Strip, Syria and North Africa.


Profile of applicant/Eligibility Criteria:


In general, Tamasi Network is looking for a multi-lingual and multi-cultural person with appreciation of the arts and good management skills.


The applicant should have/be:


1)     Good knowledge about the MENA region.

2)     Good knowledge about the performing arts in particular and the Arts in general.

3)     Good knowledge of the different project management methods.

4)     Good knowledge of development policies and policies for arts and culture.

5)     Good fundraising skills for other funding possibilities for the network.

6)     Excellent Writing and spoken skills in both Arabic & English.

7)     Willingness to work flexible hours.

8)     Skilled in organizing logistics and meetings.

9)     Ability to work within a big team.

10)   Deadline oriented and goal attainer.

11)   Ability to interact and cope in a multicultural environment.

12)   Committed to self-development and enhancement of skills.


Application and selection procedures:


The filled in application form should be sent along with a full CV to the following email address: tamasinetwork@gmail.com by November 15th, 2011.


Kindly note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a SKYPE interview no later than November 30th, 2011.


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