RCF - Grantees of the General Mobility Fund

We are pleased to announce the final selection of the grantees for the RCF General Mobility Fund 2017. 


The call for the RCF General Mobility Fund received 279 written requests of which 199 were considered eligible. The experts examined the applications that matched the eligibility and the specific funding line criteria. 137 requests were considered worthy of funding, but only 51 will receive a grant within the limits of the funds available.


Timea Szöke, cultural manager of Pro Progressione, will travel from Budapest to Beirut in August together with a Hungarian musician to collect audio and video material of authentic folk music from the Levant in small settlements and refugee camps. They aim to have an open source archive to improve knowledge of East European and Levant music.


Adrian de Miguel Simon, cultural manager and urban space designer, will travel from Madrid to Casablanca in July to develop the Grigi Pixel programme for the creation of magical objects in urban spaces in African and European cities.


Yalta Pakzad Afshar, dancer, choreographer and curator, has travelled from Teheran to Vienna to take part in the DanceWeb workshops and develop contacts there so as to contribute to the survival of dance in Iran.


Danielle Boelling, freelance project manager for various artists and organizations, will travel from Amsterdam to Tehran in August to take part in the SET experimental art festival there and see if she can help develop an art residency in Shiraz.


Mohamed Abdallah, scriptwriter, will travel to Berlin in July to take part in a residency at Silent Green Kulturquartier and the annual summer school of Arsenal Institute for film and video art. It will also be the occasion to group together members of the Hamag collective.


Murat Agdas, artist, travelled in May from Istanbul to Geneva to take part in the Utopiana residency programme he was selected for. He will work on the Choreo-Geo-Graphy concept, a performative research body investigating movement as place-making and develop international contacts and exchange with Switzerland.


Gonca Cumusayak, dance artist and cultural manager, has travelled from Istanbul to Athens to take part in the 6th International workshop of « the Method of Theodoros Terzopulos » organized by Attis Theatre Company. She will share what she learnt to her contacts back in Izmir and Istanbul.


Josepha Rudolph, artist, travelled from Halle, Germany to Izmir in May to take part in the Tandem/Shaml encounters for a project linking rural areas in both countries around children and youth in refugee camps.


Erel Tuce, freelance curator and writer who explores politics of mass-production through textile, will travel from Berlin to Istanbul in August to work on a site-specific installation at Schneidertempel Art Center using fabrics with three artists. Two of them will also engage in an improvised sound performance using sewing machines.


Malikka Bouaissa, cultural manager at Al.Arte vzw, is developing the Mona Film Festival in Antwerp with Stephanie Van de Peer who got an RCF/Creative Tracks grant. She also runs an art magazine to develop information about MENA region arts in Belgium. She will accompany Stephanie to the Beirut international film festival to develop her contacts and knowledge about developing the Mona Film Festival, attracting good films and screening in various locations in Flanders.


Youma Saba, musician, singer, songwriter and musicologist, will travel from Beirut to Paris in March 2018 to attend the Zamkana residency programme with other « new music » artists. Supporting this project will probably contribute to raise new musical schemes and original/authentic works in a region which tends to replicate processes of mass music industries.


Rasa Antanaviciute, initiator and developer of Nida Art Colony residency centre, will travel to Cairo in September to build up an artistic residency exchange programme. She will meet potential partners and the exchange programme once in place will ensure that hosted artists can benefit from Nida Art Colony’s wide contacts.


Ioannis Pappas, artist, and Venizelos Michail, stage director and performaner, will travel from Berlin and Thessaloniki respectively to Nicosia in November to take part in Buffer Fring Festival and perform Refugio a long duration public intervention attempting to redefine borders in the international Buffer zone of Nicosia. They will meet professionals and reap the ongoing benefits of mobility and exchange in art processes.


Malbora Krajku, cultural manager at Lumbardhi Foundation, will travel to Rijeka in July to take part in Unicult 2020 on cultural leadership and decision-making, an opportunity for theoretical high quality mentoring she hasn’t received before. It will contribute to developing local networks and socio-economic development in Prizren.


Antonia Lilly Maria Pöhlmann, freelance dancer, travelled to Teheran in May to share her joint project Archipelago Series at the Theatricultural Exchange. Rooberoo mansion will provide accommodation in Teheran.


Emirah Gökdemir, visual and performance artist, will travel from Antakya to Budapest in September to run a participative workshop supported by Stereo Akt on a joint project entitled « About love ». The collaboration involves Polish and Hungarian artists and the workshop will travel to Lublin in October. The theme of love is a starting point to look at cultural differences.


Osnat Bar Or, photographer, will travel to Berlin, mid-July on the invitation of SalonWelcome, host organisation which brings together refugee artists of all media to collaborate on projects. The proposed project Reinventing Life structure will initiate art works by refugees and photographs which will be exhibited once she returns


Valeria Zabret, filmmaker, will travel from Ljubljana to Thessaloniki by car in August to develop her project the silence of the Balkans, a return route of the refugees to document the graveyards (sounds and photographs) and make an exhibition of what went terribly wrong in the region. She will also take part in the International Documentary Festival Make Dox in Macedonia. On her return to Ljubljana, she will showcase her work with local support.


Abdallah Wa’el AbuRub, cultural manager, from Irbid travelled to Copenhagen in April to take part in a three week residency run by ASSITEJ on youth theatres that can help him to expand his theatre youth project in the North of Jordan.


Pavel Ruzyak, filmmaker, will travel to Morocco in September to develop his documentary film about Sami, a Moroccan living in the Czech Republic. Pavel will meet Sami’s relatives and add to the Moroccan story of Sami’s life to the film. He will also seek support for his film. He hopes to contribute to a better understanding of Muslim communities by Czech audiences.


Saje Dumarie, freelance stage actor, will travel to Avignon in July to take part in the Tamam Masterclass. She would share her newly acquired skills and understanding with her artistic community back in Ramallah.


Andrej Bereta, freelance curator-art historian, travelled from Prijedor, Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ljubljana late April to work with SCCA on a mutual exchange programme with students that will develop with Croatia, other European countries and even further afield to Singapore. Andrej will share art curating methodology, meet emerging art curators in Slovenia and establish new contacts. Further beneficiaries of this travel are the students back in BiH who will meet Slovenes when they travel there.


Mohamed Shika, freelance contemporary dancer, will travel to Vienna in the summer to take part in the danceWeb scholarship programme in the framework of ImPulsTanz Festival.


Ezgi Kilinçasian, freelance visual artist living in Berlin, former RCF grantee, will travel from Berlin to Beirut in September to take part in the Niemeyer International Art Competition at the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Alita/Byblos. Her installation work is based on the life of Elizabeth Kechegian, a second generation survivor of the Armenian diaspora and revolves around the themes of interruption and fracture. Her work is resistance to passive acceptance of what is happening in Turkey and Lebanon.


Mujeeb Ghallab, cultural manager, travelled from Casablanca to Tabsa, Algeria in April to take part in the First Global Forum on Media Education in a Changing World  Reality and Future Aspirations organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Arabi University of Tebessa. He hopes to promote concepts and behaviour of civil culture and democratic practices that serve the concepts of partnership and citizenship and the rejection of violence, extremism and terrorism.


Lina Laraki, video artist, travelled from Casablanca to Paris in April to work on her  experimental art work with the ETNA collective for a 4 month residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris. On her return she will continue to work with ETNA particularly around 16 mm film, rarely used in Morocco, and run workshops to help children build their own wooden cameras.


Nicolas Henri Stanislas Cantillon, dancer, travelled from Geneva to Tehran in May to run a dance workshop in Tehran together with Sina Saberi and the dancers of the MaHa collective. The aim is to show the piece produced in Switzerland and to tour internationally.


Redouane Aouameur, musician, travelled to Helsinki in June to take part in the Modern Heavy Metal conference. On his return to Algeria he hopes to develop understanding of this music culture and further ties with Finland.


Mohamed Ech Charquaouy, dancer, former RCF grantee, travelled from Fès to Paris in May to take part in a research workshop at the Théâtre de Gennevilliers as part of his work supported by Nacera Belaza.


Romain Rivalan, photographer, and Youri Cayron, visual artist, former RCF grantees for the same project, will travel from Marseille to Ramallah in September to continue their research project « Ask the birds » on identity, urbanism and architecture in Israel.


Andjelka Nikolic, theatre maker, travelled from Belgrade to Oldenburg to take part in the ASSITEJ seminar for youth theatre, to meet other theatre makers on the theme of « roads and crossroads », a key theme considering the Balkan route of refugees.


Guillaume Vergé, photographer, travelled from Barcelona to Algiers in May to develop his project « Fragments d’Algérie ».


Alexandre Paulikevitch, dancer, travelled from Beirut to Paris in April and Nancy Naous, choreographer, will travel from Paris to Beirut in November as part of the same project « Dresse-le pour moi », on masculinity and how it is envisaged in the Middle-East.


Megumi Matsubara, visual artist living between Fès and Tokyo, will travel to Tunis in October for her exhibition « Remember to Remember » in the framework of Kerkennah Festival organized by Kind of Art on the theme of youth. She knows Morocco, has made ties between Japanese and Moroccan artists and would like to go to the island of Kerkennah to start understanding Tunisia.


Mariette Auvray, digital artist, will travel from Paris to Acre, Israel in February 2018 to develop a web series called « Palestinniennes », to make known the Palestine underground scene.


Safaa Erruas, visual artist, will travel from Tangiers to Tunis mid-July to take part in the Kerkennah Festival also in the Remember to Remember exhibition relating to women in the island. Although this is a second grant for Kerkennah Festival, such a project needs support in an almost abandoned part of the country.


Dorsal Houari, film maker, will travel from Paris to Tunis in July for the Chouftouhonna International Feminist Art Festival in Tunis. He will develop ties with the Festival there and feature the winners of the festival in Paris for a 2 day off festival.


Rabbi Brahim, professional actor, travelled from Genova to Tunis by car in April. They needed to bring back the sets and props of the performance « El Aers - the wedding project » in order to make an adaptation of the work in Tunis within the collective « corps citoyen » during the Jaou Festival.


Darine Yamani Hotait, writer and film director, will travel from Beirut to Rotterdam in September to participate in the 6th Arab Film Festival and a filmmakers residency. She will collaborate with other artists on a film project during the workshop and incubator period and screen the video installation in October.


Adil Chadli, circus artist, founder of the Accroches company and also Parkour performer has travelled from Casablanca to St. Etienne since 8th June to take part in Trax and the Cratères Festival in Alès in July.


Arjuna Neuman, artist, filmmaker and writer, and Laure de Selys, artist, videographer and researcher travelled from Geneva to Beirut in April to present their screening of « Black Code/Code Noir and Multicultural Dread » supported by Ashkal Alwan and presented at Mansion. The film analyses shared modes of cultural resistance across London, Palestine, Lebanon and works towards trans-regional solidarity.


Martine Yordanova, cultural manager, will travel from Sofia to Rome in July to gain new insight into curating contemporary art during the summer school organized by Goldsmiths University London.


Amer Shomali, independent artist, travelled from Amman to Kassel in June to take part in the Documenta not only to improve his own network of international contacts, but to develop his work as a curator in Palestine, currently with the Museum of Ramallah Municipality.


Dominique Chouchani, designer, will travel to Valletta in September to develop her project Common Fest where art installations are created through multidimensional experience with other artists. The project in Valletta will contribute to a sculpture park in Malta. The aim is to build bridges between Lebanon and Malta which share common ground (history and language).


Annegret Sachse, documentary, fiction and experimental cinematographer, travelled to Istanbul in April to prepare a short fiction film directed by Turkish director Zeynep Köprülü about two young Turkish girls one of whom will leave to travel abroad and study. What does it mean to seek a better future in a foreign country ? The whole project is a German Turkish collaboration.


Mohamed Fouad, dancer, will travel from Paris to Alexandria in December to work on a performance together with the Centre Rézodanse. He will run workshops and work with the group Silsilah. This work is a process started in Lyon in February with Bérengère Valour.


Naz Cuguoglu Cacekli, cultural manager is travelling this July from Istanbul to London on a scholarship for the Tate Intensive Curatorial Programme. This experience will give her the opportunity to extend her efforts in establishing artistic exchanges with the USA, Sweden, and Russia. It will also give her the possibility to discuss the question of censorship in her country and how to deal with this as an art gallery.


We would like to congratulate them and wish them success. 

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