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RSS - Jamm'Europe - Culture Action Europe

As a member organisation of Culture Action Europe, the Roberto Cimetta Fund would like to promote their ephemeral online platform called "Jamm'Europe" which will take place tomorrow, 5th July 2017 from 2 to 9 pm. If you are interested to join in, register on www.jammart.eu


The aim of the online discussion is to co-create a cultural scenario for a Europe of Culture. The five scenarios presented in the White Paper proposed by Juncker's Commission aim to spark a Europe-wide, and even beyond-Europe debate on the "Future of Europe". They offer a glimpse into the potential state of the European Union by 2025 depending on the choices we will jointly make. You can read more about the White Paper by visiting www.cultureactioneurope.org


The starting point for each scenario is that the 27 Member States move forward together as a Union. The five scenarios are illustrative in nature to provoke thinking. They are not detailed blueprints or policy prescriptions. Likewise, they deliberately make no mention of legal or institutional processes – the form will follow the function.



Rate the scenarios online during Jamm’Europe tomorrow, 5 July 2-9pm (CET). Have your say, participate, share your voice. 


Join discussions in four different rooms, addressing four questions 

1. Liberté, égalité, fraternité? Let's talk values

2. Citizens & creators: how can culture sustain the EU?

3. Creative or vulnerable: can culture drive positive globalisation?

4. Cooperate or corporate: Can we offer alternatives for economic development & the future of work?


Engage in debates, share your practical proposals. From 7-9pm (CET) tomorrow we will open the "Let's talk practice!" discussion.


Let's create Europe of Culture together!


Fonds Roberto Cimetta

c/o ONDA
13 bis rue Henri Monnier
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