RCF - Grantees of the RCF/Valletta 2018 second call

The Roberto Cimetta team is pleased to announce the final selection of the grantees for the RCF/Valletta 2018 second call. 


The second call for the RCF/Valletta 2018 mobility line received 21 applications of which 19 were considered eligible. The experts examined the applications that matched the eligibility and the specific funding line criteria. 10 applicants were selected : 


Meltem Senturk Asildeveci, a 34 year old Turkish urban designer, will attend the international conference Living Cities, Liveable Spaces in Valletta in November. This meeting will be an opportunity for her to present her research and once she returns she will organise similar meetings in Turkey on the subject.


Philippe Wozniak, a 31 year old German musician and interdisciplinary artist, will travel in January 2018, from Berlin to Gozo to compile an electroacoustic composition based on local sounds on the island, then performed by local musicians. His journey will allow him to initiate cultural exchanges by inviting Maltese artists to Berlin.


Shareef Sarhan, a 41 year old Palestinian visual artist, will travel from Gaza to Valletta in September for a residence. His project, « Immigrant Pain Road Map », will record stories of refugees and create a multimedia map of them.


Bettina Hutschek, a 40 year old visual artist, filmmaker and curator who lives and works between Malta and Berlin, travelled from Valletta to Istanbul in September to foster exchanges between Turkish and Maltese artists. She took part in the Mahalla Festival where artists supported by RCF’s Fil Manfa programme presented their works.


Carlos Kong, a 24 year old art historian and writer, travelled from Berlin to Malta in August. He has attended the Curatorial School. Through the local culture of Malta, he questions how the issues of the Euro-Arab region are translated into contemporary art and curatorial practices.


Liliana Mendes do Nascimento, co-funder of the Noite do Fogo, association for literature and story telling, travelled from Óbido to Valletta in August to participate in the Valletta Curatorial School. She intends to diversify local engagement, share knowledge between generations and develop the work of her organisation on an international level.


Nikolaou Kosmas, a 32 year old Greek visual artist will travel from Athens to Valletta for the BIitz Residency. Nikolaou is preparing a multi-site exhibition entitled Transformer which includes Maltese artists in a vast array of European artists. At the same time this trip will be a personal and enriching learning experience.


Tugce Karatas, a 27 year old Turkish designer and curator, will travel from Izmir to Valletta in November. She will be a speaker at the international conference on cultural relations in Europe and the Mediterranean, aiming to explore the interplay between cultural diplomacy, place branding and liveability, particularly in light of large public events such as the European Capital of Culture.


Nicolas Bertrand, administrator of the Image Aiguë Theatre Company, will travel from Lyon to Valletta in November to meet Teatru Malta, his partner on the Ghetto Project, for youngsters from disadvantaged areas. He wants to strengthen the links with his Maltese partner in order to share practises and experiences.


Azzedine El Ouafi, a 47 year old filmmaker and writer, travelled in August from Tangiers to Valletta to collect videos for his documentary on Ibn Uthmân and meet Maltese partners to invite them to the next edition of the film festival Cap Spartel which he will organise in April 2018 in Tangiers.


We wish them a lot of success during their trip !

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