ECLAP - the e-library for performing arts - is a social network and best practice platform for digitized performing arts heritage and it is part of the Europeana family ( ECLAP is bringing together performing arts collections (videos, photographs, texts, essays, etc.) cultural institutions across Europe. Many of these have never been made accessible online until now. On behalf of the community of archives, libraries and museums with performing arts collections, we ask that you help us by participating in our survey that we are holding in order to determine best practices in the digital performing arts field. In recent years there has been a growing demand for reliable data about digitisation, access to digital heritage collections, and the preservation of digital heritage materials in the memory institutions of Europe. The performing arts are new to this field and it is precisely for this reason that your support is imperative.

Please take the survey here:

Aim of the survey:

We are gathering both quantitative and qualitative data for a Best Practices report in organisations with performing arts collections about the topics of the three ECLAP Working Groups:
* A: Performing Arts Education and Training Tools (29 questions)
* B: IPR and Business Models for Performing Arts Content (27 questions)
* C: Tools for Performing Arts Digital Libraries (23 questions)
Furthermore, there are 27 general questions. The outcomes of this Best Practice report will be shared with the performing arts community, in order to further aid and stimulate the adoption of these Best Practices. The outcomes of this survey are designed to inform policy-making for institutions with performing arts collections on the individual, national, European and global level and is distributed among hundreds of organisations with performing arts collections.

Who the survey is aimed at:

People working in organisations that have performing arts collections, and who are knowledgeable in one of the three topics above. You do not have to answer questions about all three, you can pick which one you are most suited to fill out.

Lenght of the survey and how to fill it out:

The survey will take about 30-60 minutes to fill out. Please take the time to answer the questions as detailed as possible. The survey contains some general questions about your organisation's budget, number of staff and other question you might have to consult with other staff members about. To this end, you can view and download a PDF version ( of the survey for reference, which we highly recommend you read before proceeding.


ECLAP ensures the privacy of your responses. We do kindly ask that you provide information that allows identification of your organisation’s name and country in the survey in order to assure the quality of our findings and to be able to compare results. However, we will NOT identify any of this information in the final Best Practices report. 

We will randomly give away three Amazon €50 gift vouchers to those that complete the survey. Please complete the survey before 10 June 2012. Please do not hesitate to contact us through if you have any queries concerning the questions being asked or any other matter relating to this survey. In anticipation of your kind attention and support, we extend you our sincere thanks.


Best Regards, the ECLAP Team.

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