Session 4 2012 - eligibles requests

The fourth session of travel grants in 2012 received 50 requests. The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected. Eligibility does not imply that the travel grant has been given.

For the fourth session 2012, eligible candidates are:

Ahikam Seri, Amina Menia, alessia Rollo, Anna Carone, Bram Brasseur, Joëlle Cattino, Chaza Charafeddine, Diego Segatto, Elena Cataloana, Florian Meheux, Fulvio Rifuggio, Giuseppe Spina, Giuseppina Checola, Gizem Guclu, Guy Carrara, Hamdi Shawqi, Valeria Raho, Eduard Petrelli, Heba Yehia, Guy Cheevier, Jimmy Magro, Sandra Mallia, Martina Zammit, Leonardo Rossetti, Lotfi Nia, Marco Monfredini, Marie Charton, Michel Bellier, Ethem Onur Parlar, Paolo Mele, Emilie Petit, Andrea Sangiorgi, Stefania Rossetti, Ayse Pinar Orhon, Maria Tanzarella, Valentina De Luca, Yahya Tamer Burak, Guy Stefanou, Michele Manca, Andrea Salvatore, Sara-Duana Meyer, Susanna Ravelli.


If you sent your request (and can prove you have received the automatic reply) but your name is not on this list, your request has perhaps been considered non-eligible (amount requested too high, form incomplete, several trips instead of one, one form for several people, travel outside geographical zone, lack of explanation on your long-term projects and reasons for travel, incompatible format, destination or amount not indicated….).

If your request was considered non-eligible you have already received an email about this. If you did not receive an email concerning non-eligibility then you can send your request again to before 15th October as it is possible that an error has occurred in the transfer of your email from our web-hoster to our inbox.


This list will only appear on the website until 19th October to respect privacy.


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