U40 Arabesque - Call for Applications

Deadline to Apply: 2 March 2013


The inception meeting of U40 Arabesque will take place in the city of Alexandria during the period from 13 to 15 March 2013. The meeting will gather 5 participants from countries other than Egypt and 7 other participants from Egypt. A total of 12 participants will set the strategy and the plan for the future of the network and the methodologies of promoting the 2005 UNESCO Convention in the respective countries. It will also determine ways of communication among network members and the other U40 Networks.


How to Apply:

Send the following to
 - A motivation letter, illustrating your professional background, your networks, and your interest to join the network and promote the convention. The letter should also include a short paragraph about the cultural scene in your country.


According the procedures to joining the U40 Network:
• Did my country of origin (and/or current place of living) ratify the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and the Promotion for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions? If so, did the Government designate a national point of contact for the Convention (Art. 9) and/or did they assign some special (legal) structures for its implementation? You might want to contact this focal point, your National Commission for UNESCO or other relevant information sources.

• Does a Coalition for Cultural Diversity exist in my country? If so, who are the members? What are their activities? If not, which neighbouring country or other country in the target region does have a Coalition? What are their activities? Who are their members? If not, who could be adequate bodies /persons to group a Coalition?
• How can I contribute to improve the visibility and the understanding of the Convention in my country / region?
• Please describe your engagement for the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions, your motivation for applying and a short description of what you intend to do as follow-up.
- Your Resume (2 pages max)


What is U40 Arabesque: To translate the 2005 UNESCO convention into action in the Arab region there is a need to initiate an extension of the U40 Network "Cultural Diversity 2030" in the Arab countries, namely U40 Arabesque. The regional network is concerned with the promotion of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in the respective Arab Countries aiming at coherent implementation of cultural policies in the region.


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