Conversations on mobility - Tenerife, 19-20/06/2014

The Roberto Cimetta Fund has decided to organise a meeting in 2014 of the independent artistic and cultural mobility funds that exist worldwide, to put “mobility” concerns at the heart of the global political and artistic debates.


Mobility is a global policy issue as well as a cultural policy issue. It must be understood as a round trip concept, directly linked to local cultural development at the starting point.


Thanks to our hosts, the Association of Professional Cultural managers of the Canary Islands, and with the support of the Gulbenkian Foundation, this event will take place on Thursday 19th & Friday 20th June 2014 in Tenerife. The Canary Islands is a perfect venue for a mobility conference, the islands being at the same time the “unavoidable starting point” as well as the “crossroads” of countless “mobility routes” for local and international artists between Africa, Latin America and Europe.


The meeting will group together participants from Africa, the Arab world, Asia, Europe, Russia and the USA as well as cultural managers of the Canary Islands. Existing artistic and cultural mobility funds will present their work, the challenges they face and the strategies they are developing. Collectively the participants will seek to analyse how accessible their own models are, which international mobility routes are not funded and why. By providing an international platform for independent Artistic and Cultural Mobility Funds to meet, exchange and maximise their visibility, we can address together the global issues at stake. By working bottom-up, we can identify together the places artists have defined as the best to enrich their own projects and shape our funding schemes closer to these needs. Finally, as interface organisations that act between funders and individual artists we aim to contribute to the implementation of afair exchange” based on connections with and from the “majority of the world”.


A Public Conference will take place on “The social, cultural, political and economical importance of mobility in Arts and Culture” from 19h30 to 20h30 on Friday 20th June, introducing the public to the question of artistic and cultural mobility and addressing the global issues related to this topic such as valuing the dignity of local producers of art, protecting artists and cultural expressions, ensuring artistic freedom, promoting cultural rights…


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