RCF - Grantees of the RCF/Creative Tracks' call

The RCF team has the pleasure to announce the selection of twenty grantees for a mobility grant on the RCF/Creative Tracks funding line.


The grantees of this session are : 


Sam’a Abdelhadi, 26 year old Jordanian sound engineer and musician is currently starting-up a music publishing house. She will travel from Ramallah to Katowice to attend the Womex international music fair in October. Sam'a started to help include Arab music in media and film productions since 2009 and her publishing house will be the first of its kind in her region. Meeting international publishing professionals will help build collaborations and present new opportunities to independent Arab artists in the worldwide markets.


Cemil Batur Gokceer, 36 year old Turkish photographer and Ozgur Atlagan, 32 year old videographer and researcher are currently setting up an independent publishing initiative within an artists collective called Torun in Ankara. One will travel to Arles in July to take part in Cosmos Arles Books and the other to Gazebook Festival in Sicily in September to develop their knowledge on economic models of publishing houses and to support local artists, writers, photographers in Ankara who are working with the print medium.


Talal Almuhanna, 48 year old Kuwaiti film producer and director of Linked Productions traveled to Malta to take part in the Valletta Film Festival this June and met local operators to learn about Malta’s film policy which could be adapted to Kuwait, a country that is the same size as Malta and shares other similarities.


Shahrzad Irannejad, 31 year old Iranian history researcher and Setareh Fatejhi, 33 year old Iranian choreographer will travel from Teheran to Edinburgh to take part in Brimes annual conference in July. They will present their artistic project «Bodiless heads» which questions perceptions of the body as cultural constructs and notions of embodiment. Both practitioners conceive their cultural entreprise as interdisciplinary network building, empowering practitioners from dance, research, new media, visual arts, literature and medicine through concrete performance production and workshops. They aim to contribute to the fast developing creative scene in Teheran through their individual endeavors.


Fatima Albatoul, 34 year old Jordanian cultural activist works on projects that link art with environmental concerns. She will travel to Tunis this summer to meet a network of environmental actors (civil society, government institutions, factories, etc.) to gain information that will help her build a similar network in Jordan to implement change in managing waste through recycling of objects into works of art and other art projects to honor cleanliness.


Eliza Collin, 23 year old British fashion designer at Art School London. She will travel to Beit Ummar in Palestine in July to initiate a collaboration and summer school with women c. Her aim is to launch a collection putting the artisan in touch with the consumer by branding each garment with the name of the artisan and relating her story. On her return to London she will organise a exhibition to sell the garments and provide income to the Palestinian women.  Her research to prepare this trip has taken into consideration the economic and environmental impact of the project in Palestine as well as the intercultural and economical dynamic that could be created between the UK and Palestine.


Oumou Sy, 28 year old economist and music lover has designed a music training center in Nouakchott as well as an annual festival called Culture Métisse. She will travel to Oujda in October to meet potential partners and organise musical residencies for musicians to improve collaboration and exchange of artists between the two music centers and festivals.


Stefanie Van de Peer, 38 year old Belgian Film festival coordinator will travel to Cairo in November to develop her programming towards the Arab film industry, with particular focus on emerging film makers and films adapted to the multicultural audience in Belgium.


Georgi Bonev is a 35 year old Bulgarian freelance photographer specialized in environmental portrait photography. He will travel from Bucarest to Teheran in August to organize an exhibition of his work « Vanishing World » and develop his network to promote common projects. 


Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia, 44 year old Spanish independent cultural operator will travel to Assa in Morocco to work on a project that questions western approaches to learning. She will run workshops there in October on how knowledge systems are formed and on her return to Barcelona she will publish the outcomes of the workshops and connect this to other initiatives through a hub/cluster linking Europe, Japan and Brazil.


Mohamed El Baaly, 40 year old Egyptian editor, already funded once by RCF, has developed a publishing house in Cairo called Sefsafa. He has traveled to Istanbul in May to attend the Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival to develop partnerships. His project will aim to develop translation of works from Turkish to Arabic, or to buy rights for publishing and improve cultural ties between the two countries.  


Iman Kamel, 53 year old Egyptian independent film maker traveled from Cairo to New Delhi in May to take part in the Women’s Economic Forum. Her presence as speaker gave her the opportunity to present her endeavor to create the Nomad’s Home Foundation and seek mentorship during the event. 


Elie Dagher, 31 year old Lebanese visual artist will travel from Beirut to Turin in November to take part in the Film Lab to present his film. It will help his to develop her project in Lebanon and consequently influence the film scene in Beirut for the benefit of Lebanese and Arab films.


Amanda Abi Khalil, 31 year old Lebanese art curator and founding-director of the Temporary Art Platform will travel from Beirut to Venise this summer to attend the Venise Biennale. She will be able to develop the public art projects of her organisation and further discourse around contemporary art in public spaces as well as bring international artists in residence to the National Museum of Beirut.


Gwendolenn Sharp, 36 year old French cultural operator and founder of « Green Room » linking art, culture and sustainable development. She will travel from Nantes to Agadir in September to take part in the Climate Chance Summit to develop multi-stakeholder partnership particularly with African actors. 


Nisrine Chiba, 27 year old Moroccan-French cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Athens this June to take part in the Marcel Hicter training course to develop her collaborative Euro-Mediterranean project grouping together partners from Morocco, Spain, Egypt, France and Bosnia to develop contemporary dance in the public space.


El Mehdi Azdem, 29 year old Moroccan cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Beirut this June to develop the project Marsad for his organisation Racines. Marsad is a research project for c that encompasses all the countries of the region and which aims to map cultural policies. 


Nouba Ben Yebdri, 28 year old Algerian curator will travel from Tangiers to Algiers in October to take part in a residency Madrassa. She will develop ties between artists and cultural operators in the two countries through her space called Mahal Art and the promotion of their works through exhibitions, workshops and residencies. 


We would like to congratulate them and wish them success. 


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