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Cosmobilities network publishes Envisioning Networked Urban Mobilities which brings together scientific reflections on the relations of art and urban mobilities and artistic research on the topic.

The editors open the book by setting out the concept grounded in the exhibition curated by Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff and refers to earlier work on mobilities and art generated by the Cosmobilities Network.


Volume 3 has two sections, both consisting of short papers and illustrations.

The first section is based on artists who were part of the conferences' art exhibition, and the second part is based on theoretical reflections on art and artists.


The Roberto Cimetta Fund prodives its expertise through the paper "The Roberto Cimetta Fund as a Response to Artistic and Cultural Mobility Imbalance", written by Angie Cotte, General Secretary. 


Extracts :

"Mohamed Al Hiwajri, Palestinian artist and RCF grantee , had to wait three months before returning to Palestine because of laws that had changed in his home country during the time he was abroad."


"Mobility and the circulation of works is very much about meeting people face to face and building up sufficient confidence and affinities to enable collaboration or even co-created networks of coproduction—interconnecting local actors at an international level".


"Current imbalances in art production flows persist because of funding problems. Indeed, Arab artists are often invited to take part in European projects or projects funded by the EU. When they return home there is no ‘local’ money to set up their projects in a sustainable way and they cannot make use of the benefits obtained through their travel abroad. These artists will want to return to Europe where opportunities are available for them, which contributes to the brain-drain effect, weakening the cultural fabric in the South. Cultural policy reform should address the issue of how to make their local territories attractive to their own youth, not only to tourists".



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