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Aria Residency is a not-for-profit space which provides artists, curators, writers, and researchers the opportunity to live and create work in Tehran. 


By providing the accommodation and studio for Iranian and international residents, Aria aims to extend the mobility inside the country and outside and engage the local artists with the non-Iranian ones for a specific period of time. This will create the more cultural exchange and dialogue for both sides and will develop the Iranian contemporary art and culture.


Aria offers a community in which the residents can participate and connect to the art scene, so they can get the most out of their stay.

Duration of residency: between 2 weeks and 3 months (For many nationalities, visa can be issued on arrival for period of 1 month)



Visual arts, Writing, Curatorial Design, Art  research


Spaces & Services

Aria Residency has three rooms to accommodate artist, a shared studio for them to work, two toilets and one bathroom to be shared. A fully equipped kitchen is there for artists to cook and eat. The studio is equipped with the basic tools and artists will benefit from curatorial guides of Iranian art masters and studio visits. An open studio will be organized for the artists to share their experience while their stay. There is also a small cute café in the building’s backyard where artists can buy food or drinks. Free pick up from the airport will be provided for artists on their arrival.

Artists will be responsible for the costs of flight tickets, accommodation and living costs. In case of your interest to know about the fees, it is better to email them. To apply click here

Roberto Cimetta Fund

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