RCF platform for exchange - 21/11/12 Beirut

Following the “RCF-Mobility” conference in Fès in 2006 and the “Istikshaf” platform meeting in Alexandria, June 2012, the Roberto Cimetta Fund will be organising a platform for exchange in collaboration with the Institut français de Beyrouth. This meeting receives the support of the Institut français, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It will also group together members of the Istikshaf platform, a project funded by the European Union. This one-day exchange platform and capacity building seminar will take place on Wednesday 21st November 2012 at the French Institute in Beirut. Participants will be invited to arrive one day earlier to meet local actors and take part in a working session of the Istikshaf platform. If you would like to look at the preliminary programme, or download it, please click here.


The aim of the exchange platform will be threefold:

to offer artists and cultural operators the possibility to set up networks and organise their own advocacy together with non-cultural funders/actors;

to reconsider a geographical area of intervention that embraces the wider Europe, Mediterranean and Arab countries, reflecting the reality of artistic mobility in this region ;

to engage in more mutual and efficient actions between actors involved in artistic and cultural mobility through the Istikshaf platform. Here the content of the discussion will focus on professional practices, circulation of artists and works, interdependence that could help to strengthen the capacities of the sector.



For more information please contact: Angie Cotte at RCF


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